Taking It local

For the past three summers, I have worked for a boutique called, Frolic, located in new Buffalo, MI. It’s located on the main strip in this stunning beach town along Lake Michigan.  It’s owned by a mother and daughter who love giving back to the community and appreciate artisan work. So as soon as we discussed having a trunk show, I knew that Frolic would be the first place I wanted to plan something with.

One of the many things I love about Brynn Capella is that she is a small business owner. I have always loved small businesses. I find a common factor between the two of these places. They care about their customers and strive to offer the most unique products. working for small businesses, I have been able to meet some of the most remarkable individuals.

When I mentioned the trunk show to Linda, the owner, she was right away excited to work with us! Although summer feels like it just started, we are already feeling tight on available dates, since we have reached out to all the boutiques that carry our line. Fixture and Randoons want to get on our calendar as well. plus we are now looking at Daley Plaza and Indie Randolph street market.

But no matter what, I am looking forward to connecting two of my favorite places and planning my first trunk show.

Planning an event takes a lot of time, but with small businesses’ such as these, it makes it all the more worth it! Can’t wait to see what the summer truck show’s have in store!

XOXO Libbey

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