considering that we started our #BagsintheWild series on the site as well as our social channels, I have chosen up on trends. I see the bags people are carrying, I can see styles people like most, as well as lots of times just like all of you, seeing a bag in the wild assists me […]
The motivation process is the essential idea when coming up with new color schemes as well as design. This assists you see what will work as well as why. From discovering the process of an inspiration, I was able to discover the two different sides; motivation for color choices, as well as motivation for a particular […]
Prada stripes Hobo This trip in new York has been filled with the most stunning weather condition as well as the most Prada bags I have seen in a long time. I have been utterly shocked at seeing bag after bag of Prada. Is Prada the new bag of NYC? as well as these are […]
Whenever I tell people that I’m a merchandising intern that they always ask me what it is that I do at my internship, and quite honestly if they had asked this question three years ago, I don’t know if I would’ve been able to answer it. When people hear merchandising they typically think of visual […]
As one of the new design interns with Brynn Capella handbags this summer, I have already learned so much about this crazy industry. Being a student in the textile and apparel management program, I have read, studied, and been lectured about all the different steps that go into the process of creating a product but […]
The picture is a bit old, however the subtitle still goes. What is she wearing, what is she thinking, let’s subtitle It!
There is a reason why leather has been one of the most trusted materials throughout the centuries. Its toughness as well as performance makes it a material that will always be a fashion staple. ‘Vegan leather’ is a prominent term marketers utilize to explain artificial leather in fashion for it to be perceived as a […]
I like Chloé as a brand generally, as well as the Faye backpack is no exception in regards to my admiration for Chloé’s lovely designs. The Faye backpack is uber adorable as it combines a bohemian vibe with femininity as well as functionality. The bag in it’s medium size retails for $1,990 USD as well […]
Swoon. You hear that? I’m swooning. pretty hard. I’m a bit desensitized to stunning handbags in the same way that I think of fashion photographers are desensitized to stunning women – when you look at them all day from a business perspective, it’s can be kind of hard to recapture the feeling of excitement that […]
After the crazy year we had in 2020, plans changed, got pushed, re-shuffled, you understand what I am speaking about. The silver lining was satisfying so many new clients! With everybody stuck at house for the most part, on the internet buying thrived. as well as so although we couldn’t do events, many were on […]