Louis Vuitton price increase 2020 With updated prices

There are very few things that are a guarantee when it pertains to fashion, and a lot more specifically handbags. Bags that you thought would never disappear often do fade away into retirement while styles you thought would remain buried forever typically come back to life—belt bags we’re talking to you. however there is one thing that handbag lovers can be sure of, and today that’s what we’re here to discuss. If you haven’t guessed it yet, we’re talking about price increases. Louis Vuitton has quietly, but not so subtly in some cases, boosted its prices as of yesterday. Chatter began on the PurseForum this past weekend and we started digging around ourselves to see what we could find. Today we’re here to take a look at what’s changed.

For starters, one of the brand’s a lot of popular new designs of 2019 received a major price increase. The Multi Pochette Accessoires has a new price identify of $1,860, which is a major increase given that the Multi Pochette’s debut price was just $1,550 back in September. shortly thereafter the brand boosted the price to $1,640, but it now clocks in at close to $1,900. In just 6 months time the price of the Multi Pochette has boosted by a whopping 20%.

Additionally, you could have snagged the beloved Onthego GM tote in reverse monogram Canvas for $2,480 back in February, but now it will cost you $2,690. Conversely, the Onthego GM in monogram Empreinte boosted in price by $400 and will now cost you $3,350. another obvious increase took place on one of Louis Vuitton’s newest bags. The spring 2020 quick BB, which we just reported on in early March, boosted by $140 coming in at $2,900.

Fans of classic monogram bags like the Neverfull, quick and Alma will also notice some changes as well. quick models seemed to have boosted in price by $60 across the board, while Neverfull’s saw an increase of $70. In fact, some searches on the Louis Vuitton web site are still generating an old price until you add the item to your cart.

Accessories also saw a price increase. For example, the Trio Pouch, which debuted earlier this year at $1,250 only to be raised to $1,350 shortly thereafter, saw an increase in price of $40. Although a deep dive into this most current increase shows that prices have gone up on LV bags across the board, some have shot up a lot more than others. We’ve also observed that the a lot more popular the bag, the a lot more you’ll now have to pay for it. Not to mention, new releases from the Escale collection like the Onthego and the quick have already gone up in price.

We’ve compiled a list below based on searches (which had yet to generate the new prices in some cases) and information from the Louis Vuitton Forum to compare it to prices currently provided on the Louis Vuitton website. Take a look below at some of the increases we discovered and let us know if you’ve observed a price increase on the bag you’re lusting after.

Old Price
New price (5/20)

Nano quick monogram Canvas

Speedy 25 monogram Canvas

Speedy 30 monogram Canvas

Speedy 35 monogram Canvas

Speedy 40 monogram Canvas

Speedy 25 Bandouliere monogram Canvas

Speedy 30 Bandouliere monogram Canvas

Speedy 35 Bandouliere monogram Canvas

Speedy 40 Bandouliere monogram Canvas

Speedy 30 Bandouliere Escale

Neverfull PM monogram Canvas

Neverfull MM monogram Canvas

Neverfull GM monogram Canvas

Neverfull MM Escale

Palm Springs tiny in reverse Mono

Alma BB monogram Canvas

Alma MM monogram Canvas

Noé BB in monogram Canvas

NéoNoé MM monogram Canvas

NéoNoé BB Epi Leather

Onthego GM reverse monogram Canvas

Onthego GM in monogram Empreinte

Onthego GM Escale

Multi Pochette Accessoires monogram Canvas

Pochette accessories monogram Canvas

Pochette Metis monogram Canvas

Pochette Metis reverse monogram Canvas

Epi twist Mini

Trio Pouch

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