Where Rustic style meets modern Life

Yep you guessed it, it’s Nashville!

Needless to say, I was so ecstatic to go to there to visit my sister, and of course check out the Tennessee fashion scene. considering that I’ve been working with Brynn, I’ve observed a lot a lot more goes into creating a season than just picking out colors. For the last few weeks we’ve been creating our mood boards for fall 2017, which includes colors, styles, trends, etc. So I was curious what the scene in Nashville would be all about.

So far I’ve only been in the city a couple of days, but have already started to pick up on a few southern trends. In this city, fringe, cowboy boots, and glitter can be seen sprinkled throughout just about any crowd you walk into.

Fringe is the most common accessory of them all, and it seems to be on just about everything from jackets, boots, cross-body bags, to crucial rings. Our new Kari crossbody fringe bag would absolutely be a hit in the south. And the colors and textures of the leathers she selects, along with the bohemian style of just about all of her accessories would blend well with the chic but rustic Nashville style.

When I first arrived to the city, it was just before the country music Awards, the best time to be in the music City! It led me to believe that this was the root of all the glitter in the women’s fashion. but as the CMA buzz began to fade, the glitter and sparkle of the clothing has not.

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While these trends have always been part of the Nashville culture, they have absolutely progressed to fit current styles. After meeting the lively people of Tennessee it seems only fitting that their clothing match their bubbly personalities.

Of course, I grabbed a few service cards from local boutiques and dropped off a few postcards as well. We’d love to get into a boutique or two or three in Nashville, it would be so fitting.

If you are interested in one of our new Kari fringe bags, check out our Etsy store, as that’s the only place outside of events and boutiques that you can get one.

If you are heading to Nashville anytime soon, here’s a list of locations to check out. and be sure to use your favorite Brynn Capella bag when you are there, you’ll fit ideal in!



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