Is Jennifer Lopez the only person in the world that can pull off denim palazzo pants? Potentially. The version over is doing alright though, I would suggest.

Several years back, when the low increase pattern was still going strong, I purchased a pair of black AG low-rise bell-bottom denims that verged into palazzo territory. They were my go-tos for permanently, and I still have them tucked into a drawer. Having actually liked them so, I can not bear to allow them go, despite the fact that I’m quite certain I’ll never ever once more wear a low-rise design.

At the same time, this Framework design ( Le Palazzo, $255) is the closest I’ve attend my precious AG’s, however with an appealingly high midsection.

As I mentioned, none of my jeans fit me right now, as well as believe me, I realize the irony of creating a denim blog when you can’t truly use any jeans. Yet I have actually offered myself a target date to get back in the denim video game: If my jeans don’t fit by March, with a hefty sigh I will certainly give in to my brand-new size. And I believe these will be my initial purchase


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