What To look For in a travel Bag

who would have thought my last minute plans to go on a girl’s weekend trip to California in Feb. 2020 would be the last trip I’d make in over a year. and after a year with no travel, even for my half-a-century birthday (so sad), we all are itching to go somewhere, anywhere really!

So we think it’s the best time to look for the utmost travel bag!

I’m sure you get it when I say, having the ideal travel bag is everything. Not to be dramatic, but the travel purse you take along with you can possibly make or break a trip. Does your current travel bag make the cut? Of course, doing my research this is the overall consensus I discovered.

Key features in a travel Purse:

Spacious. The first thing to look for is a spacious bag. …

Pockets and Compartments. A good travel purse will have lots of pockets and compartments to keep your valuables organized and safe inside your bag. …

Versatility. …

Durable. …

Crossbody. …

Messenger Bag.

Yes that all sounds pretty straightforward for a travel bag…well we like to take it a step further…we think you must only need one bag! Of course, I didn’t set out to design the best travel bag. I just wanted a crossbody bag that could be worn big or folded, but I ended up creating the best travel bag.

So picture it, you are on vacation. What if I want to go out at night? You don’t want to bring the big bulky messenger bag that you used on the plane. Or you want a backpack because we are biking around the town but you still want to look stylish, you’re on vacation. Or maybe you want something that is a terrific hands-free option that fits close to the body for safety reasons. I know what you are thinking, how can all that be in one bag?

What if I said, yes all of that is available in one bag? You might think I’m crazy. The crucial is in our sleek design and multi-straps options that this basic design turns into your utmost travel bag. but don’t take our word for it. look at these terrific reviews and you have no idea how lots of messages I get from women all the time as well.

So what makes our bag perfect? here are some of the crucial travel bag features ours has:

a top zipper closure for so your stuff stays safely inside your bag

a spacious interior for your wallet, a book, make-up bag, sunglasses, water bottle and/or even small souvenirs you may pick up from a day exploring a new city

a few interior pockets and zippered pockets on the outside of your purse to keep your small essential items helpful like your keys, chapstick, tissues and cell phone, so that you can get hold of what you need swiftly without opening up and digging around in your bag

a elegant design that you can use throughout your entire trip and again on future trips down the road

can be worn as a hold for evenings

can be worn as a sleek backpack

can be worn as a crossbody bag

it can be a small bag (folded over) or a large bag, you decide

even comes in two official sizes: original and mini

You’ll find that a lot of travel bags are one thing but not the other or they are just basic and let’s admit it, not that elegant typically. The last thing you want to get is a purse that’s incredibly functional but doesn’t match any of your outfits or your personal vibe. While function is very important, choosing a style that’s best for you is a substantial consideration when choosing a purse you’ll take on all of your travels. It’ll be in photos, after all!

BONUS: Ours is the most trendy travel bag you’ll find and it’s made in America!

Find Your color here: Lauren and mini-Lauren

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