What to Wear: warm Tones

Transitioning from wintertime to spring is the hardest transition of the year!

As a SoCal native, I never had to transition seasons before I moved to the midwest. In Chicago, I am known by my friends as a season mixer. but to my defense, 50 degrees in Chicago feels so different than 50 degrees in California.

But one of the things I think a lot more midwesterners must embrace is warm tones, like greens, oranges and golds, in the winter. Why dress in head to toe black all the time?! I think lots of woman think it makes them look thinner? Well I’ve never believed that’s a reason to put together an outfit. simplicity maybe, considering that everything in your closet would match. Well that’s just B-O-R-I-N-G!!

I say go ahead mix seasons, get ecstatic about color, it’s good for the soul!.

What to Wear: warm Tones by brynn-capella featuring short boots

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