M.i.H can do no wrong, it appears, when it involves denim. I guess it’s not shocking since the founder, Chloe Lonsdale, generally has denim in her DNA. Her papa established The Jeans Maker, a classic jeans store in the 70s, as well as her mother was a version for his denim as well as more.

The name M.i.H is a resurrection of Made in Heaven, a brand name initially established by Lonsdale’s godfather back in the 70s. Add all this history together and also it’s not a surprise that she eliminates it every time she puts out a new collection.

Pre-Autumn is no exemption. The skyscraper, wide-legged, two-tone samplings above are at the top of my wishlist, and can we discuss that one-piece suit??

You may delight in analysis:

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