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If winter’s got you down, there’s nothing like a quite shade of pink to perk a gal up. A pink nail polish, that is. If you haven’t checked out our previous publish on doing your own eco manicure, you’ll want to begin there. In four easy, inexpensive, DIY steps, you can prep those nails for any type of shade under the sun. however before you pick out a pleasing color, think about the dangerous chemicals contained in traditional nail polishes: dibutyl phthalate (DBP), utilized to prevent chipping in nail polishes, formaldehyde, a preservative, as well as toluene have all been known to cause cancer in lab animals, as well as developmental as well as reproductive toxicity

Best Eco-Friendly Nail Polish

And they looked so innocent in their colorful bottles, displayed like candy for our tootsies!

No fear…there are a handful of fantastic companies that offer risk-free alternatives to the chemical-laden nail polishes of the past. get your fingers on one of these brands as well as you can relax, like a great manicure should allow.

1. Manufactured in the U.S., water-based as well as non-toxic, åcquarella nail polish is likewise non-flammable as well as free from toxic fumes. Acquarella comes in twenty-five shades, including metallics, crèmes as well as shimmers. They retail for $18.

2. Polished Mama water-based nail polishes were designed for moms-to-be (which is, of course, is code for this is so risk-free you can have it near your unborn child). A true household business, Polished Mama was started by an RN, with assist from her hubby as well as his father, as well as organic chemist. The polish is offered in twelve colors as well as retails for $8.50 a bottle.

3. Zoya is not only free of all the aforementioned nasty chemicals, it’s likewise vegan friendly. Of the brands highlighted here, Zoya is the most recognized as well as quickly discovered in nail salons, as well as their website is the most accessible as well (try their online chat client service if you requirement assist – ahhh, a genuine human being, exactly how retro). Zoya offers nail polishes in a plethora of colors. purchase them in packs of six for $36 for the best savings. Individually they offer for $7.

4. If you’re lucky sufficient to be located near them in new York City, you should go to Rescue beauty Lounge to get a clean, great pedicure. Not from NYC? No prob…you can still benefit from Rescue Beauty’s awesome line of nail polishes. When you see colors like Frugalista, a gunmetal color shot with with purple glitter, or Grunge, described as “a moody pinkish grey with a dash of lilac” you won’t mind the $18 expense per bottle.

5. The most eco-friendly nail polish, overall, goes to Priti nail polish. Priti’s entire product line is non-toxic with ingredients derived from organically grown sources. Promotional as well as advertising materials for the business are printed on 100% recyclable paper, their nail polish bottles are totally recyclable, as well as even their website utilizes ThinkHost, a web host that provides solar as well as wind powered energy. Priti nail polishes are offered in over 100 colors as well as expense $12.50 per bottle. four Priti Princess colors, targeted at young girls, expense $10 a bottle.

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