45 stars as well as the Bags They brought to Paris Haute Couture Week autumn 2015

There may not be much for bag enthusiasts to expect inside Paris Haute Couture Week (even brands understood for their bags generally don’t include them in couture collections), the bag-spotting outside is still excellent. fashion insiders come from all corners of the globe to see the world’s finest clothing, as well as they bring fantastic bags with them.

As with all fashion shows, notable guests are likely to bring a bag from the designer who invited them; sometimes that’s something from her personal collection, sometimes it’s a piece provided for the occasion. Either way, there are lots of gorgeous bags to feast your eyes on below.

Alysson Paradis
Chanel Reissue Flap Bag
Alysson is Vanessa Paradis’s sister; Vanessa is, of course, one of Karl Lagerfeld’s harem of muses.

Amalie Gassmann
Christian Dior Diorama Bag
Amalie is a young model, however the fashion market already likes her sufficient to have her go to shows instead of walk in them.

Anna Dello Russ
Chanel denim Flap Bag
As you are all well conscious by now, this counts as a demure attire option for Anna.

Anna Dello Russo
Fendi 3Baguette Studded mini Bag
It’s worth discussing that Paris has been having a extremely hot summer. You take you ventilation where you can get it, I suppose.

Anna Dello Russo
Loewe Barcelona Bag
Dresses with long sleeves that can’t be rolled up provide me anxiety, however it’s not a surprise that Anna’s far more willing to dedicate to a look than I am.

Aymeline Valade
Aymeline’s clutch reminds me of the new Hermès Octagone Bag, however I’ve seen no indicator that the Octagone is available in a clutch version. If you understand more, please show the group.

Bianca Jagger
Christian Dior Diorissimo Tote
Bow down to the queen, everyone.

Caroline de Maigret
Chanel traditional Flap Bag
It’s no little accomplishment to make a Chanel bag such as this one work, however it looks perfect with Caroline’s ensemble.

Caroline Trentini
Hermès Birkin
Black on black as well as a Birkin: a quite great model-off-duty look.

Chiara Ferragni
Chloé Hudson mini Bag
Most Couture Week guests opted for bags from the shows they were attending, however I’m delighted Chiara made time for this bit Chloé number.

Chiara Ferragni
Christian Dior Micro Diorama Bag
The micro bag pattern just won’t die; there’s now a super-mini Diorama, too.

Christian Dior Diorama Bag
Our picture service was not precisely remove on who this Dior show attendee is.

Christina Pitanguy
Christian Dior Diorama Bag
Christina is a fashion market leader in the burgeoning high-end market of Brazil.

Daria Shapovalova
Prada Micro Bag
Shop Prada via Bergdorf Goodman
I can’t assist however question if there’s ever really anything in bags this small, or if the street style stars have an assistant holding a giant carry bag just off camera.

Elena Perminova
Christian Dior Diorissimo Bag
Size-wise, this bag is perfect. It’s huge sufficient to hold things you may requirement to be a genuine human out in the world, however it’s little sufficient that it still appears like arm candy.

Elena Perminova
Fendi Micro fur Peekaboo Bag
$3,350 via Nordstrom
This bag, on the other hand… Well, you understand its story.

Elena Perminova
Fendi Micro fur Peekaboo Bag
$3,350 via Nordstrom
Fall 2015 marked Fendi’s Haute Couture debut; the show was fur-themed.

Elizabeth Olsen
Miu Miu Clutch
Shop Miu Miu via Saks
Although most brands (like Miu Miu) don’t do couture, a cottage market of generalized fashion launches, celebrations as well as events has a tendency to spring up around Paris Haute Couture Week. Elizabeth was going to the introduce of a new Miu Miu fragrance.

Emily Blunt
Christian Dior miss Dior Clutch
Just like Karl Lagerfeld has his girl, Raf Simons has started to assemble his own fashionable army. Emily is definitely within its ranks.

Helena Bordon
Christian Dior Diorama Micro Bags
If you have to bring two micro bags, you should most likely just opt for one mini bag.

Ines de la Fressange
Roger Vivier Shoulder-U Bag
Shop Roger Vivier via Neiman Marcus
Ines has a close connection with Roger Vivier as well as a line of bags named after her, however this is from one of Vivier’s other collections. She likewise brought Vivier to the Chanel show, which is something few people can pull off.

Julianne Moore
Chanel shoulder Bag
At Chanel’s show, the brand invited a few of its preferred stars to play casino games while the couture looks debuted. Julianne was among them.

Julie Gayet
Hermès Egee Clutch
Julie is a French actress as well as producer; she selected this look to go to a vogue party.

Karlie Kloss
Mansur Gavriel Backpack
$845 via Barneys
Getting your hands on a Mansur Gavriel bag can be tricky for simple mortals, however designs like Karlie do have their ways.

Kate Moss
Kate selected this clutch for the Miu Miu fragrance launch; we’re not sure who made it, however it does have a few of that signature Miu Miu quirk.

Kendall Jenner
Givenchy Lucrezia Bag
$2,250 via mytheresa.com
Kendall is not almost as much of a bag-switcher as her sisters; we see her bring the exact same few over as well as over again, as well as this Givenchy is a remove favorite.

Kendall Jenner
Saint Laurent Sac de Jour Bag
$2,750 via mytheresa.com
This version of the SDJ may be my preferred of all time; the snakeskin handles are so striking against the black body of the bag.

Lara Stone
Hermès Birkin
As you may imagine, Lara altered when she got inside the Chanel show. (She was playing casino games as a guest of Karl’s, not walking the runway.)

Lily Collins
Chanel shoulder Bag
Lily was likewise among Chanel’s game-players, however she shown up dressed for the occasion.

Lupita Nyong’o
Christian Dior miss Dior Clutch
Lupita looks totally radiant here, however then again, I’ve actually never seen her look poor in a color.

Miroslava Duma
Christian Dior Dune Crocodile Bag
This style is brand new for autumn 2015 as well as has not shown up in stores yet.

Miroslava Duma
At very first I believed this clutch was Chanel, however on better inspection, I don’t believe that’s true–the flowers aren’t the brand’s signature camellias.

Miroslava Duma
Hermès Kelly Bag
This bit bag is one of Miroslava’s favorites; she’s been bring it to fashion Weeks around the globe for years.

Naomi Campbell
Versace Box Clutch
Shop Versace via Shopbop
For its show, Versace outfitted an army of designs to sit front-row in the brand’s clothes, all of them with subtle bit box clutches.

Natasha Poly
Versace Box Clutch
Shop Versace via Shopbop
Natasha was, of course, likewise part of Versace’s gorgeous crew.

Ni Ni
Christian Dior Be Dior Bag
Arrival shots of Dior shows always make me happy since everybody looks so contemporary as well as feminine.

Olivia Palermo
Christian Dior Diorama Bag
My pet theory is that Olivia Palermo lives on a airplane of existence where it is always fashion Week.

Olivia Palermo
Fendi mini Peekaboo Bag
$1,550 via Nordstrom
If you look at sufficient pictures of Olivia, you will believe this theory too.

Ondria Hardin
Chanel traditional Flap Bag
Rest assured that this is not Ondria’s typical hairstyle; the bowl cut on top was added for the Chanel show.

Ondria Hardin
Christian Dior Panarea Tote
After the show, Ondria doubled up by bring Chanel as well as Dior.

Petra Nemcova
Versace Box Clutch
Shop Versace via Shopbop
Versace hands out box clutches to designs left as well as right, however you never truly see them available anywhere online.

Rita Ora
Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Bag
$1,895 via Nordstrom
Rita toted this bag everywhere in Paris, even though she was in town as a guest of Chanel.

Rita Ora
Dolce & Gabbana Sicily Bag
$1,895 via Nordstrom
Karl must be growing more benevolent as he ages.

Sofie Valkiers
Christian Dior Diorama Bag
Sofie is a prominent fashion blog writer from Antwerp.

Vanessa Paradis
Chanel Flap Bag
It feels appropriate to bookend Paris Couture Week protection with Paradis sisters, no?

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