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Veteran beach babes just aren’t satisfied with the old rectangular, terrycloth towel. First, there’s the shape: too short for some, too skinny for others. and then, there’s the issue of sand literally clinging to terrycloth, only to fall off when you don’t want it to (like in your car).

We’ve seen beach towel innovations in the past, like the rollable beach mat — which isn’t comfy — and the beach blanket — which adds space, but add another person and you’re back to square (er, rectangle) one.

New Shape, new Style

Enter, the Australians, of course, because Australians always do beach better. Made popular by The beach People, the roundie towel has found its way into hearts (and Instagrams) as the utmost essential. At the intersection of best size and shape, the roundie is just as it sounds: a circle option that affords you the personal space you want and the standout beach style you crave.

Roundies Everywhere

Now a certified staple under the ‘wanderlust’ hashtag, you could find an endless scroll of round towels by all of the big name beach and surf brands, as well as tons of small, independent shops and labels. and if the original roundie (priced at a cool $110 and up) is out of your price range, these alternatives let you in on the trend, while leaving some cash leftover for an acai bowl or a new bikini. pick your price range, check out the colorful offerings and get to shopping. The sun and sand await!

Roundie Towel Picks for any Budget

Roundies Under $100

Roundie beach blanket “Palm Springs,” $89, Etsy

Isla Canarias, $59.99, Bonita beach Collection

Hippy Nest Roundie, $59, round Towel Co

Roundies Under $50

The Iluzyon Roundie, $38, Etsy

Endless summer Roundie, $34, MyKitsch

Under $30

Bohemian Shibori Mandala Roundie beach Towel, $22.99, Royal Furnish

Under $10

Indian Mandala round Hippy Boho Gypsy Cotton Roundie, $7.70, Amazon

When it comes to the photos from beach days and dream vacations, the towel is a huge focal point, and for some just as crucial as the suit. Your beach towel is the unsung hero of the day. You nap on it, picnic on it and play on it. So why not have a towel that gets the job done and makes you smile? We think the roundie towel does just that.

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