Prada, like a lot of other designers, is plagued with the problem of fake or replica bags selling as the genuine deal. We’ve put together seven crucial ideas to look for when seeking to authenticate your Prada bag to make sure it’s not a knockoff!

7 ideas to Authenticate Your Prada Saffiano Bag:
1.Look at the stitching!
Authentic Prada bags have their stitching done at an angle. The stitching on authentic bags is likewise made with a thick thread. a lot of fake bags will utilize a flimsier thread as well as the stitching will normally be done straight. The stitching must likewise be singular as well as not double backed. checking out these details needs a sharp eye as well as a magnifying glass in lots of instances as they are extremely simple to miss.


2. look at the feet of the bag!
If your Prada bag includes studs at the bottom (remember: not all Prada’s necessarily do), you will want to pay interest to the engraving on the studs. The word PRADA must be printed on the studs in the exact same font style as utilized on the front of the bag. replica makers normally utilize a font style that is off, or the printing is refrained from doing as crisply as the authentic counterpart’s.


3. look at the leather!
The Prada Saffiano leather is a unique calf leather that is cross hatched. This calf leather is of the greatest high quality as well as the cross hatching on the bag is created by a process in which the print is pressed onto the leather which is indicated to coat the bag. replica makers may utilize genuine calf leather nevertheless they are normally not able to replicate the cross hatch style as accurately. This detail may seem minute however the picture below makes its value clear.


4. look at the logo!
Most fake Prada bags miss the curve on the letter “R” in the Prada logo. This is one of simplest methods to area a fake Prada as you can just compare the logo on your bag to to that of an original, or just pull up the logo on the Web to see if it matches. The engravings on the logo must likewise be printed crisply as well as must present themselves as simple to read. The spacing between the letters is likewise crucial as lots of fake bags have crooked or unequal lettering which is a telltale indication of a fake.


5. look at the lining!
Authentic Prada bags nearly always have a signature lining that repeats the name of the brand continuously. a lot of fake bags have a similar lining nevertheless leave out the name of the brand. This is a truly simple as well as quick method to area whether your bag is a fake or not.


6. look at the dustbag!
Authentic Prada bags include a dustbag that is white in color as well as has the Prada logo printed on the front. If your dustbag is not white or has something else other than the basic Prada logo printed on it, your bag may be a fake!


7. look at the authenticity cards!
The authenticity card for an authentic Prada bag normally comes sealed inside of a little envelope, which is normally black in color. The card contained in the envelope must have a serial number written on it that matches the serial number on the inside of the bag. If these two numbers do not match the bag is a lot of likely a fake.

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