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It is a common assumption that if you intern at a popular or large corporate company, you might benefit much more because of their knowledge and networking opportunities. However, I have learned through the past few months, that this is not always the case. I never expected to learn so much over such a short period of time as an intern for a smaller business.

As the lifestyle marketing intern, a common day in the office doesn’t just consist of planning our social media messages for sites like Twitter, Instagram or Facebook, but also working on upcoming newsletters/promotions, marketing campaigns, sales events and even our charity donations. dealing with our Instagram and Facebook accounts especially has allowed me to see how essential each platform is, but in a completely different way. Brynn talks about finding the charm (or “the shot”) in everything we do, when highlighting the behind the scenes aspects of a small company from the marketing, design, or merchandising perspective.

Being able to establish content, whether it’s taking pictures at a meeting with the contractor or a boutique, is an essential part of ensuring that we offer a diverse range of posts. As a business, I’ve also realized how essential facebook is to the Brynn Capella consumer. posting consistent, visual content on Facebook is essential to growing her business.

The amazing part is also having the opportunity to work closely in the office with the merchandising and design interns, which has allowed me to observe other aspects of the business. I don’t think that many interns at larger companies have this advantage because they are usually placed in a particular department or on a team that only specializes in one element of the company.

At a smaller business, I have the ability to collaborate with the other interns on various projects. For instance, working in the office on days like our recent inventory day has allowed me to acquire a better understanding of current and past collections, in addition to how we produce much more or less of certain colors based on our predicted selling points. Not your average day as a lifestyle marketing intern, right?

I never anticipated that I would be able to learn about how we communicate with potential boutiques, how the colors/types of leather are chosen for new collections, or how we sell on sites like Etsy and Amazon. just by being in the office and overhearing conversations between Brynn and the other interns, it can be so easy to learn bits of information from the design or merchandising perspective. This has allowed me to acquire a general understanding of how a company runs as a whole. If I had accepted an internship for a larger company, I certainly would not have gained as much of a perspective for how all the elements of a company coincide or had so much fun!





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