Rock n’ Roll is here to stay

Introducing our new Lizzy Guitar Straps! No they aren’t for a guitar, just inspired by them! I mean how cool are these icons!

Bonnie Raitt

Kim deal / Pixies

Chrissie Hynde/Pretenders

You may or may not know, but right out of college I worked at an alternative radio station in San Diego. No I didn’t go to college thinking I was going to be a DJ or anything. but I did love music. I would quiz my sister all the time: who sings this? What are the words? What album is this from? Of course, I always had the answer and she had no idea.

So even though, I was an advertising major, I decided to do an internship in radio (the summer before my last semester in college) and instantly fell in love and was hooked! I was that intern asking if I could come to the music meetings and soon I was giving the powers that be my opinion. Me? and sometimes they even listened lol. Anyway, I moved my way up the chain and soon was in charge of those meetings as the music Director.

the Heather

the Nikki

the Edie

My rock n roll influence actually started with these bags: the Heather, the Nikki and the Edie. All three of these bags have what I like to call “rock n’ roll studs” on them. It was my way of adding a little edge to the handbag inspired by those women, who are actually all still in the music industry today.

But last year, I decided that I wanted women to be able to add a little touch of rock n’ roll to any of my bags! It’s been a long journey, but so worth it! here are a few of my favorite pairings just to give you a little visual inspiration! It’s so fun and easy to upgrade your handbag with our initial 7 options. but after this run, I am already envisioning more to come!

vintage with Mai Tai Jenne

Came with Meadow Nikki

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