What to Wear: fall Boho Layering

fall fashion is all about staying comfortable while looking your very best.

As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, comfort becomes paramount. but fall can be a challenging one with its intermittent rain showers and fluctuating temperatures.

I remember one of the first fall/winters I spent in Chicago, when I didn’t understand what layering meant! here I am at the bar with a bulky sweater on and everyone else has on normal clothing… alright a sweater is normal, but at a bar in the winter season with the heat on, it just doesn’t work.

This comfortable sweater dress is both fashionable, comfortable and ideal for layering. By adding a leather jacket, trendy wrap boots (add tights when it’s colder) and topping it off with an uber-cool fringe Kari bag, you can be both comfortable and stylish. The extra plus, is I can wear every piece shown dressed up or down, workday or weekend.

The essential is to find complimentary colors that allow each piece to stand alone and get noticed without blending in.

What to Wear: modern Boho style by brynn-capella featuring a red jacket




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