Prepared, Teddy? Warmth Printing Stuffed Animals

by Danielle Petroskey, Marketing

Learn exactly how to heat print a stuffed animal to develop thoughtful & customized presents.

There are many products you can heat press beyond the traditional T-shirts, hoodies, and sports attires, as we’ve seen in all the videos as well as a recent blog site. And also as I recognize you currently understand, children (young and old) love to have their name on every little thing, specifically those of us with different names!

When I was maturing, Danielle wasn’t one of the preferred or usual names. Oh exactly how I wished for one of those No. 2 pencils with my name on it at the local gallery or the permit keychains you locate at the flight terminal. I could not fairly understand why there were lots of Daniel but not Danielle? I mean, what’s an extra l as well as e in the grand system of things?

That’s why I enjoy the industry we’re done in! We can customize almost anything with any type of name or text, including packed animals! Plus, we can stop anybody feeling overlooked because their name is distinct.

Look into just how I personalized some stuffed pets with a heat press for my niece and also nephew for Valentine’s Day.

Warmth Transfer Plastic Products Made Use Of:

( Brownish bear) CAD-CUT ® Flock II Heat Transfer Plastic

( White ape) CAD-CUT ® Radiance Flake ™.

I reduced the names on a vinyl cutter, but you might additionally purchase pre-spaced text and achieve the exact same result.

Devices Required.

Warmth press.

Cover sheet.

EZ Weeder ®


scissors. Where to discover a Plush Stuffed Animal.

Think of all the various vacations and/or parties: rabbits and also ducks for Easter, elves for Xmas, lions, tigers, bears (oh my!), and so on for team mascots– the checklist is limitless! This search on Google brought up a number of firms offering these wholesale. I suggest ordering a few additionals for testing and to utilize as examples.

Set up warm press with these settings:.

Temperature: 320 ° F/160 ° C.

Time: 15-20 secs.

Pressure: Tool (# 6 on Hotronix ® heat presses)


Change pressure with the packed pet on journalism.
Pointer: Establish the pressure with the stuffed pet on your warm press.

Warm Application Guidelines:.

Preheat your stuffed animal for a couple of secs, covered with a non-stick cover sheet– be sure the head is not under the heating element.

2. Set out the name on the chest area of the packed animal, provider side up.

Suggestion: Relying on exactly how plush/furry the packed pet is, trim the area that you’ll be applying the name to with scissors. This will certainly guarantee the name relates to the animal as well as not to just the hair.

3. Cover with a non-stick cover sheet.

Suggestion: If there are buttons or various other designs on the pet that will be under the heating element, try utilizing a flexible application pad You’ll want to increase the heat residence time a couple of secs to offset the density of the pad.

A cool peel is needed for this application.
4. Heat obtain 15 seconds.

5. Peel COLD– established pet apart to cool and end up warmth using the remainder of the task.

Pointer: for finest results, peel gradually


6. Re-fluff the packed animal.

If you have any kind of suggestions or questions on exactly how to warmth press a stuffed animal, please message in the remarks.

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