CHLOÉ FAYE replica backpack evaluation

I like Chloé as a brand generally, as well as the Faye backpack is no exception in regards to my admiration for Chloé’s lovely designs. The Faye backpack is uber adorable as it combines a bohemian vibe with femininity as well as functionality. The bag in it’s medium size retails for $1,990 USD as well as is offered out on every website I visited (including Barney’s, Nordstrom, as well as Chloé’s official site itself).

The bag is offered out on every site I visited! The only location it was offered was for resale on the second hand high-end market a.k.a consignment websites.

The Chloé Faye box was damaged along the method when being shipped – luckily I bought it for myself & don’t care about frills like boxing & packaging being perfect when buying a fake. If I were paying full cost for an authentic model, it would be a different story!

Now I’ve previously bought a Chloé Faye shoulder bag, in addition to a Chloé Hudson bag in replica type (not authentic), as well as the bags [turned out to be] amazingly on point (click to the evaluations if you want to see yourself), so I believed hey I’m gonna go for a replica of the Chloé Faye backpack as well! I bought the bag in off white since I’m a stickler for neutral colors, which I’m sure you understand by now after browsing my collection of bags in general.

The bag came with a cotton dust bag in which it was protected.

The bag came well packaged & secured with wrapped hardware pieces, as well as plastic on metal finishings. I always discover that you can judge a replica bag by the amount of protective wrapping it has. Counter high quality replica bags or superfakes are usually packaged rather extensively.

I paid about $450 including shipping, money transfer charges etc. for the bag.The bag can be used either on your shoulder utilizing the removable strap connected on the sides of the bag, or it can be used as a backpack with the removable shoulder straps on the back of the bag. In addition to the lovely mix of velvety suede as well as supple leather, the bag features hand-painted raw edges along the flap, as well as side zippers. The Chloé Faye backpack is a bag of many details, as well as it is a difficult bag to purchase as a replica in the sense that there are a great deal of details that replica manufacturers have to get right.

If you are a novice shopper for fake bags it’s simple to buy a poor high quality of this specific model. nevertheless luckily because of my years of experience of buying for replica bags I understood precisely what to look for, as well as this assisted me prevent this pitfall that plagues replica buying in general. The replica bag is well constructed, pinning down even the smallest details of its authentic counterpart. I can continue to yap about the bag, however I believe it’s much better to get directly to showing you pictures, since also all understand photos are worth a thousand words!

The bag has gorgeous supple leather, as well as contrasting suede leather on it’s flap.

A closeup of the Chloé stamp on the front on the bag, as well as the stitching beneath it. This is one of the details of the Faye bag series that I like the most!

Oh so much plastic utilized to wrap the bag!


These are all the straps that came with the bag, including a top strap for if you want to wear the bag on your shoulder, as well as two longer straps to connect to the back so the bag can be used as a backpack.


This is a shot of the side of the bag where you can see the gorgeous stitching on display.


There’s a pocket on both sides of the interior of the bag, one zipped, as well as one without any zipper.

A bird’s eye view shot of the interior of the bag.

The interior of the bag is lined with cotton as well as features an interior tag stamped with Chloé’s logo as well as “Made in Italy”.

The hardware was nice as well as heavy, as well as looks fantastic on the bag!

This is a snap of the back of the bag where you can see the beauty of its building continues!

You can see all the effort that went into the outlining of the bag by the replica manufacturer, which is the indication of a superfake or counter high quality replica bag!

I’m not sure if I was able to catch the suppleness of the leather via the camera however the bag’s leather is truly really smooth!

The bottom of the bag likewise features the contrasting black outline which adds to the outlining of the bag!

This is the front of the authentication card.

This is the back of the authentication card that came with it.

These are the additional bits & pieces of paperwork that came with the bag.



Let me understand what you believe of the bag in the comments below!

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