Warm Press Stress: Grilled Cheese Edition

by Matt DeLaere, Advertising

Ta-da! A delicious warm application.
Included in the checklist of points that will certainly never ever go out of style are well-decorated apparel and tasty lunches. With that said in mind, we’re posting a Friday Flashback from 2013 which not only includes tips on a vital part of the heat printing “recipe,” stress, but a dish for a tasty lunch, also.

During active period, baseball, softball, soccer as well as various other consistent orders come quick and also angry. There may be times when due dates are so tight you don’t also obtain an opportunity to consume. So what’s an active, famished heat printer to do? Make some smoked cheese, that’s what.

In this video, A Lesson on Heat Press Pressure, Josh Ellsworth of Stahls’ CAD-CUT ® Direct utilizes a warm press to make a smoked cheese sandwich– a smoked cheese sandwich with an objective! In addition to being a scrumptious treat, Josh’s sandwich shows the dangers related to printing on an irregular surface area. Equally as the center of the bread isn’t fully cooked because its crust triggers uneven pressure as well as warm, warmth transfer products can be incompletely used because of joints, collars, crusts, or whatever else might obstruct.

Thanks to the Hotronix ® development of Threadability ™, you can avoid irregular stress as well as heating when handling seams, collars, switches, etc. By threading garments on the reduced platen, you ensure correct pressure and even home heating for effective application. Plus, you can enhance the front and rear of the exact same garment without restoring the platen, cutting manufacturing time by as much as 40%.

You can add Threadability to your Hotronix Automobile Clam or MAXX ™ clam press with the Warmth Press Caddie ™ or CounterCaddie ® as well as assist make sure appropriate application whenever.

With Threadability you can rest very easy knowing that you’re applying transfers properly and also saving time– perhaps even enough time to take pleasure in a smoked cheese sandwich. Simply do not forget to tidy up when you’re done!

Video clip: A Lesson on Warm Press Pressure

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